SSP Aluminium Rolling Mills

One of the leading manufacturers of aluminum circles for kitchen utensils, this company has an experience 62 years of in this field, run by the 3rd generation.

Subbulakshmi Bio Fuels

we are supplying as sawdust for our some types of industries for fuel purpose

Subbulakshmi Electricals

we are dealing with direct purchases from the manufacturers of halves, guard, garvik, finale, RR Kabel, Kundan, etc.

Subbulakshmi Home Appliances & Aluminium Store

we are supplying wholesale and retail in competitive prices to our retail vendors and direct customers

Shiva Aruna Industries

our own industry manufacturing aluminum bucket rods, aluminum rivets, and vessels, supplying to various industries and retailers

Subbulakshmi Nursing Home & Meena Clinic

We are having our own hospital with bed facilities and operation theatres. Run by well-experienced doctors like surgery and gynecologist.

Subbulakshmi Marriage Hall

We are having our own marriage hall at keelapuliyur, Tenkasi. Mainly opened for middle income group peoples. Nominal rent. 300 seat facility etc.

Why Choose Us?

Subbulakshmi Groups provide items at the correct time and maintains the reliability of products.

Subbulakshmi groups provide good services on aluminum rolling services and every product

We have a wide range of branded products that you can accept. A perfect place to buy for your needs

Subbulakshmi Groups

About Us

Subbulakshmi Group is a Company providing multiple services. We are Providing aluminum rolling Services. Biofuels services like Home Appliances, and Shiva Aruna Industries services. And also we are providing Electricals shop

Welcome to our Subbulakshmi groups! We are a family-owned business with over 62 years of experience in the industry. Our goal is to provide our customers with high-quality products and exceptional customer service.


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Years of Experience

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We offer the best products and maintain quality services in the manufacturing sectors

The products are very safe and quality brands for the industries

We offer all these products with customer satisfaction and quality assurance.

Subbulakshmi Groups

Subbulakshmi groups give enormous items to the customer. We serve the best, high-quality branded products that satisfy your purchase. For our valuable customers, we have seven branches in Tenkasi, With our years of experience we give a maximum number of products in all our units. We have all Home Appliances, Electrical Equipment, Biofuels, and a lot more.

Subbulakshmi groups that give quality product shop to the customer. We serve the best-branded products. For our valuable customers we have seven branches in Tenkasi, With 62 years of experience, we give a maximum number of the home appliance, aluminium rolling mills, electricals industries and biofuels in all our branches.

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Case Studies

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