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Recently we started our own electrical shop to serve the best quality and compete for the price to our customers, we are dealing with direct purchases from the manufacturers of HAVELS, V Guard, Genvik, Finolex, Finnexo, RR Kabel, Kundan, etc. all kinds of domestic and part of industrial electrical goods we are supplying leading brand switches, lights in various patterns, fans, L & T starters, etc, plumbing materials, bore pumps, Hoses for the bore, water tanks, garden hoses, PVC pipes, and fittings, etc.

We are the first and only one person supplying PVC pipes and garden hoses in weight basis except finolex pipe. Leading brand of Corsa, Hindware for all kinds of bathroom fittings at compete prices to our customers, having our own godowns locally. And various pipe fittings are an integral part of any hidden wiring system. It includes items like Elbow, Tee, Coupling, Bend, Hardness Bar, Junction Boxes, Reducer, Extension Ring, Female Bush Adapter, PVC Cement Solvent, Bending Spring and Fan Boxes. There is no time delay in service. Authorised dealer for FINNEXO wires & cables.

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